Hi! I’m Joseph (he/him pronouns), a first-year Astronomy PhD student worker and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Boston University. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Astronomy and Physics in May 2021. I am currently working in the BU White Dwarf Group with Prof. JJ Hermes where I am most focused on hunting for and characterizing the oldest planetary systems in the galaxy. In particular, I am searching for the carcasses of rocky exoplanets and exoasteroids orbiting around their ancient host stars. If the geometry of these remnant planetary systems are fortuitously aligned, we can observe the cloud or disk of planetary debris transit the white dwarf, which informs us of how the remnant planetary system is structured and evolving. I also used these systems to test how similar (or different) the rocks in extra-solar planetary systems are compared to those in our Solar System. I also am interested in white dwarfs that vary in brightness due to other reasons, such as pulsating white dwarfs and strongly magnetic white dwarfs.

Welcome to my website. Beyond my research you can find here professional documentation like my CV and other resources. I have many project ideas for this space that are works in progress, so whenever I get to it you will be able to find some blog posts and essays, slightly decent photographs, and maybe cooking recipes here. I sometimes play trumpet too.