Hi! I’m Joseph (he/him/his pronouns), a fourth year Astronomy and Physics undergraduate at UT Austin. I’ll be graduating in May 2021, so I am currently appluing to astronomy PhD programs with anticipated start in fall 2021 so I can fulfull my childhood dream of becoming a professor of astornomy. In particular, I aspire to become what I call a twenty-first century astronomer: an astronomer who works to dismantle the oppressive and meritocratic structures of the Academy in order to make our discipline truly accessible, equitable, and supportive of Black and Indigenous astronomers especially. I also seek to abolish the imperialist tradition of Western Astronomy, astrocolonialism, in the name of Indigenous liberation. In terms of astronomical reserach, my current interests lie in discovering and characterizing white dwarf stars, particularly pulsating ZZ Cetis and white dwarfs that harbor dusty, metal-rich debris. In fact, in our paper Guidry et al. (submitted, arXiv:2012.00035), we potentially more than tripled the known number of these systems from 2 to 5! In graduate school, I intend to pursue these interests by combing through big data transient sky surveys like the Zwicky Transient Facility and follow-up interesting objects at the telescope with photometry and spectroscopy (I love observing!!!).

Anyway, this is here is my website! I have a lot of project ideas for this space that are works in progress, so whenever I get to it you will be able to find some blog posts, personal info, my science!!, slightly decent photographs, and maybe cooking recipes here.

  • I sometimes play trumpet too. You can find of thread of quarantine concerts on my Twitter.

My story

I was born in New Orleans, but quickly moved to Nacogdoches, TX, where I lived until I came to Austin, and then back to Nac cause COVID :/ I like astronomy. I have spent the entirety of my undergraduate career studying variable white dwarfs, but in general I’m really interested in all time domain astrophysics. High z stuff seems pretty cool too. Whatever I end up working in graduate schoole (fingers crossed), hopefully you’ll see the fruits those endeavors reap in my repositories and in sci-comm in the near future. I have plans, I promise.